We seek to inspire students to inquire about and explore the biological world. One of the best ways to develop these skills is through independent hands-on activity. Towards these goals, our lab offers mentored internship opportunities to both undergraduate and high school students.

Current* and Past Interns:

(Awards and destination after leaving lab noted in parentheses)

Undergraduate Interns

Cindy Cai – Biomedical Engineering

Daniel Nilson – Biomedical Engineering

Christopher Campbell – Genetics

Yasmin Amin – Biomedical Engineering (PhD Student at UC Riverside)

Darach Miller – Genetics (PhD Student at New York University)

Tim Fenton – Cellular Biology (Research Associate at QB3 Macro Lab UC Berkeley)

Keegan Owsley – Biomedical Engineering (UC Davis Chancellor’s Research Award^; PhD Student at UC Los Angeles)

Lydia Kwon – Biomedical Engineering (Research Associate at UC Davis)

Pantea Gheibi – Biomedical Engineering (President’s Undergraduate Research Fellowship; PhD Student at UC Davis)

Nick Csicsery – Biomedical Engineering (UC Davis College of Engineering Ghausi Award$; PhD Student at UC San Diego)

Aran Ink – Genetics/Classics (UC Davis College of Biological Sciences Medal#; PhD Student at Boston University)

Rachel Kjolby – Genetics (PhD Student at UC Berkeley)

Ayla Sessions – Biomedical Engineering  (PhD Student at UC San Diego)

Sharon Liao – Biology (Research Associate at Novozymes)

Chia-Ying Wu – Biology (Research Associate at IDEXX)

^ Campus-wide award – two given across all disciplines each year
$ Top honor awarded by the College of Engineering to a graduating senior
# Top honor awarded by the College of Biological Sciences to a graduating senior

International Guest Students

Jia Li – visiting from Zhejiang University

Weiwei Yang – visiting from Zhejiang University

Keyue Ma – visiting from Zhejiang University

Tianqi Chen – visiting from Zhejiang University


For more information about undergraduate courses taught by Dr. Facciotti click here.


High School Interns

Pavle Jeremic – Davis Senior High, Davis, CA

Katie Shao – Davis Senior High, Davis, CA

Kathryn Tutt – Dixon High School, Dixon, CA

Suhas Ganjam – Armijo High School, Fairfield, CA

Brooke Darrah – Davis High School, Davis, CA

Imren Mashiana – Natomas Pacific Prep, Natomas, CA


Ann Moriarty – Davis High School

Mylee Lam – Dixon High School

For more information about high school internship opportunities and our collaborations with Davis High School and Dixon High School click here.

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