Halophiles Sequencing Project

Haloarchaeal Genomes
Genome sequence data for 60+ archaeal halophiles are available on NCBI.
This work was funded by NSF EF-0949453.

Genome Features Table
A custom-made SQL database of the 59 newly sequenced haloarchaea is available upon request. Here is a sample table from the database detailing many of the organism-level features of these organisms.

An interactive database of 80 halophilic archaea is hosted through JContextExplorer. Click the orange launch button below to launch the program. Once the program has been launched, find the ‘Genomes’ menu on the menu bar, navigate to the bottom of the menu, find ‘Retrieve Popular Genome Set’, and and select ‘Haloarchaea’ (the third item) from the sub-menu. This data is fairly large (~50 MB), and so may take some time to load, depending on your system and internet connection. For instructions on how to use JContextExplorer please visit the software page.

Manuscript Linked Data

Manuscript Linked Data
Data referenced in Facciotti Lab manuscripts can be found through this link.

Updated: 9/11/2013

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