Overgraduate Grand Prize – 2014 UC Davis iGEM Team

iGEM is an international competition in biotechnology/synthetic biology. Student teams from >300 institutions world-wide work for 6-9 months (full time in summer) to explore and create prototypes of biological/genetic devices and/or related hardware and software.  In the fall, student teams present their work at the international jamboree and online through their team wikis (see links below).

Current UC Davis iGEM Team Website:
2021 not currently mentoring the team.

Past UC Davis iGEM Teams:

Year Medal Award(s) Website
2020 Gold UC Davis iGEM 2020
2019 Silver UC Davis iGEM 2019
2018 Gold Best Measurement; Nominated for Best Presentation UC Davis iGEM 2018
2016 Gold UC Davis iGEM 2016
2015 Gold Nominated for Best Environmental Project, Overgraduate UC Davis iGEM 2015
2014 Gold Grand Prize, Overgraduate; Finalist, Overgraduate; Best Policy & Practices, Overgraduate UC Davis iGEM 2014
2013 Gold Advanced to Championship Jamboree from North America Region UC Davis iGEM 2013
2012 Gold Advanced to Championship Jamboree from Americas West Region UC Davis iGEM 2012
2011 Gold Advanced to Championship Jamboree from Americas Region; Best Foundational Advance UC Davis iGEM 2011
2010 Gold UC Davis iGEM 2010
2009 Gold UC Davis iGEM 2009

iGEM Website

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