Undergraduate/High School Contributing Authors

Undergraduate and High School students have contributed to the following manuscripts:

Fruend, G., O’Brien, T.E., Vinson, L., Carlin, D.A., Yao, A.I., Man, W.S., Tagkopoulos, I., Facciotti, M.T., Tantillo, D.J. and Siegel, J.B. (2017) Elucidating Substrate Promiscuity within the FabI Enzyme Family. ACS Chemical Biology. 2017. 12 (9), 2465-2473. PMID: 28820936

Becker E.A., Yao A.I., Seitzer, P.M., Kind, T., Wang, T., Eigenheer, R., Shao, K.S.Y., Yarov-Yarovoy, V. and Facciotti, M.T. (2016) A large and phylogenetically diverse class of type 1 opsins lacking a canonical retinal binding site. PLoS One. Jun 21;11(6):e0156543. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0156543. eCollection 2016. PMID: 27327432

Rai, N., Ferreiro, A., Neckelmann, A., Soon, A., Yao, A.I., Siegel, J., Facciotti, M.T., and Tagkopoulos, I. (2015) RiboTALE: a versatile and modular tool for the multi-dimensional control of gene expression. Scientific Reports May 29;5:10658. doi: 10.1038/srep10658. PMID: 26023068

Yao, A.I., Fenton, T.A., Owsley, K., Seitzer, P., Larsen, D.J., Sit, H., Lau, J., Nair, A., Tantiongloc, J., Tagkopoulos, I., Facciotti, M.T.(2013). Promoter activity arising from the fusion of standard BioBrick™ parts. ACS Synthetic Biology. doi: 10.1021/sb300114d. Web Pub.

Wang, T., Sessions, A.O., Lunde, C.S., Rouhani, S., Glaeser, R.M., Duan, Y., and Facciotti, M.T. (2013). Deprotonation of D96 in bacteriorhodopsin opens the proton uptake pathway. Structure. 21. 290-7. PMID:23394942.

Lynch, E.A., Langille, M.G.I, Darling, A.E., Wilbanks, E.G., Haitliner, C., Shao, K.S.Y., Starr, M.O., Teilling, C., Harkins, T., Edwards, R., Eisen, J.A., and Facciotti, M.T. Sequencing of Seven Haloarchaeal Genomes Reveals Patterns of Genomic Flux. PLoS One. 2012. PMID: 22848480.

Wilbanks, E.G., Larsen, D.J., Neches, R.Y.,Yao, A.I., Wu, C., Kjolby, R.S. and Facciotti, M.T. 2012. A workflow for genome-wide mapping of archaeal transcription factors with ChIP-Seq. Nucleic Acids Research. 2012. PMID: 22323522.

With many more in progress!

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